Protective Styling 101

Protective Styling is the idea that styling your hair in a way which reduces or eliminates daily manipulation promotes length retention. Protective styling requires the tips of the hair to be tucked away and not worn loosely for an extended period of time consisting of days, weeks, or even months.

First, let’s discuss the truth about hair growth, shedding and growth retention. Continue reading

Introduction To Hair Typing

Hair typing is the study of naturally curly hair by the categorization of hair textures. Some believe knowing and understanding your hair type is crucial to hair care and hair food selection. Others believe hair typing is unnecessary and carry little value since caring for your hair has more to do with genetics and overall health. Continue reading

Transitioning vs Big Chop

So you’ve decided to give up on the creamy crack……welcome to natural hair therapy. Let’s get started.

When deciding to “go natural” the first decision of many revolves around how to rid your hair of the chemically processed ends. There are two methods commonly used once this journey of hair exploration begins: transitioning and big chop. Continue reading