5 Things To Think About When Naming Your Business

What’s In a Name? Everything!

Choosing the name of your business is critical because the name is how people will refer to your business. It’s how they remember to get in contact with your business. When thinking of what to call your business you must keep the following things in mind.

  1. The length: If the name of your business is too lengthy no one will remember it. It will take too much effort for your audience to stay engaged with a long name. Choose a name that is short, memorable and easy to pronounce.


  1. Direct connection: It is helpful if your business name has a direct connection to what you sell. It’s not a requirement but for start-up businesses it is helpful. Customers should be able to tell what you sell by the name and/or the logo.


  1. Font: When choosing the font of your business name make sure the font is legible. Often times, especially with women, “pretty” or cursive types of fonts are used. They are, however, hard to read at a glance. You will have literally 3-5 seconds to interact with your customer. If they can’t read the name of your business during that time, then you may need to change the font of your business name.


  1. Availability: Once you have decided on a name you will need to do a search on http://www.uspto.gov to make sure your name is available for registration. My suggestion would be to prove your concept before spending much needed money on registration. Registering the name can come later. You will also need to make sure the name is available on the three major social media sites: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Many new businesses overlook this important marketing point. It’s easier for your customers to remember one name across all social media channels versus one name on Twitter another on Facebook and another on Instagram.

I hope this helps!


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