7 Do and Don’ts for Guys When Getting to Know a Woman

Even though guys should mature with age and learn a few tricks of the this game called dating, they often repeat the same tricks as if reading from the same “How To Drop Her Panties” guide. And frankly women are tired of hearing the same lines and having the same conversations. Here are a few tips to avoiding the same pitfalls.



  1. DON’T tell her or ask her things that indicate you want sex.


Do you want a massage?

Can I see you tonight? (via a text message at 11pm)

I feel like lying next to you.

I just want to cuddle with you.

If you have reached the very mature age of 30 then we all know what these mean, especially if you just met the woman yesterday. Don’t insult her intelligence. If you are looking for a quality woman she will not fall for this. I like to call it “The Okie Doke”. We know it means you want to get us alone at your house or hers so you can implement “The Okie Doke” and hopefully take the grand prize of “the cookie”.

DO ask to take her out on a “real date”.

Have a staple first date ready. Suggest something cheap but thoughtful so that you get a chance to have fun with her without fully investing your wallet. Some suggestions are: bowling, roller skating, museum, playing pool (with drinks J), ice cream and walking the beach, get creative.


  1. DON’T tell her it’s her job to text you good morning every morning or it’s her job to contact you.


It’s a man’s job to chase a woman. It’s her job to let you chase her until she’s ready to be caught. I know men like to feel wanted by a woman but we can’t give you that feeling early on in the “getting to know you” phase. We can show our interest by responding to you but in no way shape or form is it a woman’s job to chase a man. Only an insecure man wants to be chased by a woman. Show you are interested by making the first moves.


DO tell her that she can make time for you because you are interested in getting to know her.


By approaching it this way a woman understands that you are interested and the ball is in her court to simply make time for you. If she’s interested she’ll make time.


  1. DON’T tell her I would never lie to you and I would give you the world and expect nothing in return.


Now, this sounds real good but it also sounds like a bunch of rosy smelling bull&*@t. Again, don’t insult her intelligence. Just keep it simple and realistic. Honesty is the best panty dropper…..trust me.


DO tell her that you value honesty in a relationship and when you find the “right one” you believe in treating her with the respect and care that a real Queen deserves.


This is more realistic in the sense that we know it’s too early in the “getting to know you” phase to determine if she is the “right one” but it’s good to know what you value in a relationship and how you would treat her if she turns out to be a keeper, which all women think they are J.


  1. DON’T tell her “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” when she asks what are your plans for meeting up.


You asked for her number, you stated that you want to get to know her, now it’s your job to actually have a plan to get to know her. Have a plan ready. Women respect men who can come up with ideas on what to do, it shows that you aren’t entirely interested in the pooty tang.


Refer to #1.


  1. DON’T ask for a picture.


Maybe it’s just a personal pet peeve of mine but it’s incredible annoying. If you met me in person or you met me online ……guess what you know what I look like. We know you’re asking for a picture because you can sometimes tell what kind of woman you’re dealing with depending on the kind of picture she sends. Real women won’t fall for this…..you’ll be lucky if she sends you a head shot (don’t get nasty on me people).


DO ask her out and then take a photo with your phone of her for “your contact icon”.


If you really just want a photo of her just ask her to take a picture once you do go out, that way she feels special and it won’t be about getting a certain kind of sexy photo.


  1. DON’T …..I repeat Do Not ask her a million questions about her sexual/bedroom preferences.

If and I mean If you are looking for a quality woman do not throttle her with questions of sex. What they like, what they don’t like, does size matter (hell yeah ijs), do you like to receive/give oral, etc, etc, etc. It is exhausting to have to live through a sexual interview so just stop it. I understand wanting to make sure that the woman you invest time and energy into is compatible with you sexually, but asking is not the way to find out. Trust me it’s more fun to find out what she likes during the live event.

DO ask questions that show your interest in getting to know her values and beliefs. It also shows her where your priorities are. If you ask her if she likes to deep throat before your ask her if she sees herself having children/more children, then we know what’s more interesting to you.

  1. DON’T allow your first contact to be a text message.

A text is so impersonal and no one wants to have a text conversation for 2 hours. Nobody! It’s just annoying. Muster up the courage and call. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation….15 minutes can save you from wasting your time J. Have a few things ready that you want to talk about or ask her about. After that initial conversation then you can hit her with the text messages but again nobody wants to have a 2 hr texting conversation. Nobody!

DO always call first……always.


Happy hunting 🙂


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