My name is Toby Young and I am the founder and CEO of Pampered Roots. I grew up in a Jamaican household where my mother’s knowledge of hair care revolved around a jar of green hair grease. I started perming my own hair at the age of twelve and continued on a slippery slope of bad hair care decisions.

Finally, in 2011 I decided I was tired. I was tired of over-processed hair constantly shedding in my sink. I was tired of limp thin hair that never seemed to grow. I was tired of simply not loving my hair. I began doing research on hair health, growth, and overall care. I learned that caring for my naturally kinky hair with simple methods was the best way to grow healthy hair that I could love. My passion for healthy hair care of naturally kinky hair has led me to Pampered Roots.



Pampered Roots is a national brand of hair care products catering to the needs of people with afro-kinky textured hair. Pampered Roots was born from the need to simplify kinky hair care. Pampered Roots gets KINKY! Imagine feeling like you have the most unmanageable head of kinky hair and all those tutorial videos you’ve watched provides zero comfort because your hair looks nothing like the girl in the video.

Our products won’t change the texture of your hair but enhance your kinky curls, nourish your hair follicles with essential nutrients, and deliver intense hydration. Each product is carefully researched and developed with simplicity in mind, removing the need for daily use and leaving kinky hair manageable. Pampered Roots encourages everyone to embrace your roots, love your hair, and find YOUR kinky.