Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Imagine you are living in the year 1968 and Martin Luther King Jr. has proved to live up to his name as the King of love. King led the civil rights movement spreading love and encouragement to people of the community. Imagine walking alongside this great man, protesting, strategizing, and planning a better future for all. For he had a dream, a dream that we are all still dreaming today. Imagine thinking that with this man leading the charge, we could finally start to see a future of change where all men and women of all color are treated equal.

Imagine waking up that fateful date in 1968, hearing the news that the King of love is dead. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. How heartbreaking? All hope must be lost. How could the people gather themselves and push forward with King’s agenda without him? The emptiness that swept through the community must have been palpable.

I found this video about a tribute song the legendary Nina Simone did days after learning of Martin Luther King’s death. It’s twelve minutes long and I watched the entire video. It brought me to tears as I closed my eyes and imagined myself in those times. I imagined hearing the news for the first time and the heartache that must have followed. The hopelessness. The despair. I cried because in his death and in all that he fought for, I still feel our community has forgotten how to accomplish one goal that has been King’s life message. Our community has forgotten how to love one another and preserve our culture.

If you do nothing else, make an effort to learn your history and pass it on to your children and their children and so forth. Love is the greatest of all powers and in the end will always win.

Love each other as God loves us and as King envisioned in his dream.

Check out Nina Simone’s live tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. For more details on this video visit npr.org.

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