Introduction To Hair Typing

Hair typing is the study of naturally curly hair by the categorization of hair textures. Some believe knowing and understanding your hair type is crucial to hair care and hair food selection. Others believe hair typing is unnecessary and carry little value since caring for your hair has more to do with genetics and overall health.

My theory is both schools of thought are correct. Hair growth and texture is based on genetics and health but women with the same hair type experience similar issues with similar solutions. Ok, so let’s talk about the different hair types and texture characteristics.


hair type chart

Most black women have hair textures that are categorized as type 3 or type 4. These categories are further divided into subcategories of fine, medium or thick (coarse).

Type 3:

Hair is typically described as having a loose curl with a definite “S” pattern. This hair type is usually soft, shiny, manageable but frizzy.


Type 4:

Hair is wiry and the most fragile of all hair types. It has a zig zag pattern and can be described as not having a defined curl pattern. This hair type is naturally dry and requires extensive moisturizing.

type 4 ver 2type 4 ver 4type 4 ver 3

Type 2 and type 1 hair are other hair types not typical of black women. Type 2 is considered wavy and type 1 is described as straight.

I hope this post helps you define your curl pattern.

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    I believe i have type 4 and yes it is very dry im newly began to transition and im trying to figure outba good moisture regimen

    • Water water water, I can’t stress that enough. It’s important to start with a great leave in moisturizer like the Coconut and Honey Hydrating Cocoon. Then, moisturize whenever you can with water using your spray bottle. Hope this helps.