What If This Happened Today?

Imagine today is August 6, 1965. Just 51 years ago.

There has been great turmoil in the land based on race and the fight to voice our opinions about who governs us has taken center stage. Desperate for change and hungry for the right to vote caused many people to stage sit-ins and other forms of protest, often resulting in death, for this very moment in time. The moment when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Voter’s Right Act of 1965.

Imagine watching on TV or listening to the radio (if you were so fortunate to have one) the remarks made by President Johnson on this day. This was a time where the President of the United States of America can refer to one group of its people as Negroes on national television and no one questions it. Just 51 years ago. A time when by law, black people were considered not worthy enough to vote for elected officials. A time when by law, the voices of black people literally didn’t count. Just 51 years ago.

I can’t help but feel like I live in 1965 today while listening to President LBJ give his remarks. The words he spoke sounded like something I could hear a president say today, minus being referred to as Negroes. It’s African-American now. After watching and listening to President Lyndon B. Johnson deliver his remarks on one of the most significant piece of legislature in American history, I felt compelled. We must do more. I must do more.


We live in a world where some have gotten comfortable. Some have forgotten that we are still in a fight. A fight against the evil that has corrupted man and plagued our government. ┬áIt’s not a question. It’s a must.


Watch President Lyndon B. Johnson deliver his speech here.

Follow the 2016 Election here.

What did you think of the video? Will you exercise your right to vote?


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